Last Wednesday Contemporaries members were treated to a night of art, film and cocktails in the beautifully restored Golden Age Cinema. Joining us for the evening was artist Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran presented a special viewing of Pasolini’s 1975 film, Arabian Nights.  

Ramesh is in the midst of a busy national and international exhibition schedule, including the recent Adelaide Biennial, an upcoming solo presentation at the National Gallery of Australia and participation in the 4th Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale.

Before the screening, Ramesh joined Golden Age Programmer and film critic, Kate Jinx in conversation to speak about his transition from painting through to experimental sculpture and his love of the physicality and rawness of working with clay.The pair also discussed how Ramesh’s art, which often depicts wildly embellished totem-like figures, multi-limbed gods and dick-covered deities, echoes the themes of sexuality, gender, religion and patriarchy that permeate Pasolini’s edgy Arabian Nights.

Ramesh’s upcoming solo presentation ‘Mud Men’, opens at the National Gallery of Australia from 30 July – 29 January.

Read more about Ramesh’s work in our interview with the artist here.

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