Thank you to all who joined us to explore the studios of acclaimed painters, Joanna Braithwaite and Neil Frazer. What an inspiring evening!

Entering through an unassuming street frontage on Parramatta Road, Contemporaries members were welcomed into the creative couple’s private home and given a behind-the-scenes look into their artistic lives and practices.

Guests gathered in the apartment’s industrial living space to meet the affable artists (and Brains the pug!) and hear stories about their past and current studios in a talk led by arts writer Rebecca Gallo. The couple spoke about the challenges that came with sharing a work space when they lived in New Zealand, their move to Australia and how they combine their creative work with their personal lives.

Heading upstairs to explore Jo’s studio, guests were given an insight into the inspirations behind some of the curious subjects that fill her canvases. Photos and clippings lining the walls served as references for Jo as she spoke about the research excursions she often takes to niche conventions and the memorable characters she’s met along the way.

Downstairs, Frazer lead the group through his studio — a large open space reminiscent of a gallery, distinguished by thick splatterings of paint covering the walls and floors. Guests engaged in conversation over the striking composition of Frazer’s paintings and were treated to an exclusive preview of new works he has been preparing for an upcoming exhibition.

The intimate event wandered long into the Autumn evening, with Contemporaries socialising over lavish Italian food from the local area and enjoying drinks on the rooftop terrace, taking in the broad vista of Leichhardt and beyond.

Read more about Jo and Frazer’s work in our interview with the artists here.

Upcoming exhibitions

Joanna Braithwaite
Auckland Art Fair
25-29 May 2016
Bowen Galleries

Solo exhibition
1-25 September 2016
Martin Browne Contemporary

Neil Frazer
Solo exhibition
9 June – 3 July 2016
Martin Browne Contemporary

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